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 Building Regulations 'Structure' with amendments. Total 134 A4 pages
Building Regulations 'Structure'
Building Regulations - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture.
Building Regulations 'Moist'
Building Regulations - Toxic substances
Building Regulations 'toxic'
Building Regulations - Resistance to the Passage of Sound
Building Regulations 'sound'
Building Regulations- Ventilation
Building Regulation 'Vent'
Building Regulations -- Hygiene
Building Regulations 'G'

Building regs
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Building Regulation part B 'Fire'

Building Regulation part A structure 2004 edition, all this content is avaliable in part A. Part B covers all fire precautionary measures that are necessary to provide safety from fire that will safeguard building occupants, persons in the vicinity of buildings, and fire fighters. Requirements and guidance cover means of escape in case of fire, fire detection and warning systems, fire resistance of structural elements, fire separation, protection, compartmentation and isolation to prevent fire spread and conflagration, control of flammable materials, and access and facilities for fire fighting.

Part b fire exit diagram

Section 1 Fire alarm and fire detection systems
Section 2 dwellinghouses
Section 3 Flats and maisonettes
Section 4 design for horizontal escape- building other than dwelllings
Section 5 design for vertical escape- building other than dwelllings
Section 6 general provisions common to buildings other than dwelling houses internal fire spead (linings) the requirement of B2 guidance performance
Section 7 wall and ceiling linings internal fire spread (structure) the requirements of B3 guidance performance
Section 8 loadbearing elements of structure
Section 9 compartmentation
Section 10 Concealed spaces(cavities)
Section 11 protection of openings and fire stops
Section 12 special provisions for car parks and shopping complexes External Fire spread the requirement B4
Section 13 Construction of external walls
Section 14 space seperation
Section 15 roof coverings Access and facilities for the fire service the requirement B5
Section 16 fire mains
Section 17 Vehicle access
Section 18 access to buildings for firefighting personnel
Section 19 Venting of heat and smoke from basements
Part b fire exit diagram

Appendix A performance of materials and structure
Appendix B Fire doors
Appendix C Methods of measurement
Appendix D Purpose of groups
Appendix E definitions
Appendix F Fire behaviour of insulating core panels used for internal structures
Appendix G standards referred to

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Building Regulations - Drainage and Waste Disposal
Building Regulations 'Waste '
Building Regulations - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems
Building Regulations 'J'
Building Regulations - Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact
Building Regulations 'k'
Building Regulations- Conservation of Fuel and Power
Building Regulations 'l'
Building Regulations- Access and Facilities for Disabled People
Building Regulations 'm'
Building Regulations- Glazing Safety in relation to Impact, Opening and Cleaning
Building Regulations 'n'
Building Regulations- Electrical safety
Building Regulations 'elec'
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