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 Building Regulations - Fire safety more info.
Building Regulations 'Fire'
Building Regulations - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture.
Building Regulations 'Moist'
Building Regulations - Toxic substances
Building Regulations 'toxic'
Building Regulations - Resistance to the Passage of Sound
Building Regulations 'sound'
Building Regulations- Ventilation
Building Regulation 'Vent'
Building Regulations -- Hygiene
Building Regulations 'G'

Building regs
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Part A Building Regulations 'Structure' with amendments

Building Regulation part A structure 2004 edition, all this content is avaliable in part A. Part A requires buildings to be designed, constructed and altered so as to be structurally safe and robust, and also so as not to impair the structural stability of other buildings. It stipulates design standards that should be adopted for use on all buildings and additionally gives simple design rules for most masonry and timber elements for traditional domestic buildings. Pages of vital structural infomation including diagrams of structures such as roof frame construction, brick walls, tables of material strengths and many more, the list is endless.

Part A roof construction diagram

Building Regulation part A structure 2004 edition
Section 1 Codes, standards and references for all building page 10
Section 2 sizes of structural Elements for certain residential buildings page 13
Section 2A Basic requirements for Stability page 15
Section 2B Sizes of certain timber members in floors and roofs for dwellings, areas at risk from house longhorn beetle sizing of members house longhorn beetle page 16
Section 2C Thickness of walls in certain small buildings page 17
Section 2D Proportion for masonry chimneys above roof suface page 43
Section 2E foundations of plain concrete page 44
Section 3 wall cladding page 48
Section 4 roof coverings page 51
Section 5 reducing the sensitivity of the buildings to disproportionate collapse in the event of an acident page 54

Building Regulation part A structure 1992 edition with 1994 amendments (additional information)
Section 1 size of structural elements for certain residential building and other small building of traditional construction page 3
Section 1a basic requirements for stability page 8
Section 1b sizes of timber floor ceiling and roof members in single family houses page 9
Part A roof construction diagram Section 1c thickness of walls in certain small buildings page 13
Section 1d proportions for masonry chimneys above the roof surfaces page 30
Section 1e strip foundations of plain concrete page 31
Section 2 external wall cladding page 33
Section 3 re-covering of roofs page 35
Section 4 codes, standards and other references for all building types, page 36
Guidance page 39
Section 5 reducing the sensitivity of the building to disproportionate collapse in the event of an accident page 40
Appendix A table of sizes of timber floor, ceiling and roof members in single family houses page 43

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Building Regulations - Drainage and Waste Disposal
Building Regulations 'Waste '
Building Regulations - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems
Building Regulations 'J'
Building Regulations - Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact
Building Regulations 'k'
Building Regulations- Conservation of Fuel and Power
Building Regulations 'l'
Building Regulations- Access and Facilities for Disabled People
Building Regulations 'm'
Building Regulations- Glazing Safety in relation to Impact, Opening and Cleaning
Building Regulations 'n'
Building Regulations- Electrical safety
Building Regulations 'elec'
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