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 Building Regulations 'Structure' with amendments. Total 134 A4 pages
Building Regulations 'Structure'
 Building Regulations - Fire safety more info.
Building Regulations 'Fire'
Building Regulations - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture.
Building Regulations 'Moist'
Building Regulations - Toxic substances
Building Regulations 'toxic'
Building Regulations - Resistance to the Passage of Sound
Building Regulations 'sound'
Building Regulations- Ventilation
Building Regulation 'Vent'
Building Regulations -- Hygiene
Building Regulations 'G'

Building regs
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Building regulations and building regs that we are offering

We are offering the complete, up to date, official and approved building regulations parts A to P. Provided is 104MB of information in PDF format on a Cd rom,a total of over 50 documents. Or 1500 A4 pages containing explanations and diagrams to enable compliance with building control's regulations. covers of paper copy of building regulations Building Regulations cover all aspects of construction, including foundations, damp-proofing, the overall stability of the building, insulation, energy conservation, ventilation, heating, fire protection, means of escape in case of fire and electric's.

The links provided on each side of this page take you to further details on each part of the regulations, why not take a look.

Unlike others we offer a CD with ALL! these regulations, not a 100Mb+ download which takes hours to download and more than likely a few attempts. It includes 2009 editions of part F, part L1a, L1b, L2a & L2b and part P, it will be posted within 36 hours and all for just 9.99 incl P&P.

It will be delivered to your PAYPAL account address. Credit card payments taken through paypal system, you do not need to be paypal registered, just check option on payment page to indicate no paypal account.covers of paper copies of the extra's on offer

For a limited time we are also pleased to be able to offer three extra publications. Materials and workmanship click here Guide to the building regulations click here model certificates As needed to comply with part P or BS 7671 Initial inspection and testing (Forms 1 to 4) click here

Remember the CD with ALL! the regulations plus three extra documents, will be posted within 36 hours for just £9.99 incl P&P. Why pay more?

We are also offering the CD rom and a year of updates, as and when they occur to the regulations for a fee of £19.99 incl P&P.This includes all the regulations on a Cd rom posted within 36 hours and a year of updates, via Cd when they occur. Why pay more?

Building Regulations - Drainage and Waste Disposal
Building Regulations 'Waste '
Building Regulations - Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems
Building Regulations 'J'
Building Regulations - Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact
Building Regulations 'k'
Building Regulations- Conservation of Fuel and Power
Building Regulations 'l'
Building Regulations- Access and Facilities for Disabled People
Building Regulations 'm'
Building Regulations- Glazing Safety in relation to Impact, Opening and Cleaning
Building Regulations 'n'
Building Regulations- Electrical safety
Building Regulations 'elec'
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